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John Anderson: 40 Years and Still Swingin' CD

John Anderson

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1. I’m Just An Old Chunk Of Coal
(Writer: Billy Joe Shaver/Pub.: Sony ATV)
2. I’ve Got It Made
(Max D. Barnes/Pub.: Irving Music/Hardscratch Music/Words & Music obo
Diamond Cholla Music)
3. Freedom Isn’t Free
(J. Anderson/J. C. Hicks/Pub.: Seminole Wind Music)
4. Straight Tequila Night
(K. Robbins/D. Hupp/Pub.: Dixie Stars Music/Horipro/Irving Music)
5. Would You Catch A Fallen Star
(B. Braddock/Pub.: Sony ATV)
6. Magic Mama
(M. Haggard/Pub.: Sony)
7. When I Get Down
(S. Camp/J. Anderson/Pub.: Downtown DMP Songs obo Int’l Dog Music/
Words & Music obo Scamporee Music/BMG Gold Songs obo Seminole Wind
8. Money In the Bank
(M. Sanders/B. Dipiero/J. Jarrard/Pub.: Sony ATV/Bike music/Universal)
9. I Loved You A Thousand Ways
(J. Beck/L. Frizzell/Pub.: Peer International)
10. Chicken Truck
(J. Anderson/E. Parker/M. Fields/Pub.: EMI Al Gallico Music Corp.)
11. I Will Cross Over the River
(J. Anderson/Pub.: Seminole Wind Music)
12. Small Farm In Kentucky
(J. Anderson/J. Spivey/V. Pilder/Pub.: Seminole Wind Music)
13. Bend It Till It Breaks
(J. Anderson/L. Delmore/Pub.: Almo Music/Evergreen Music/Universal)
14. Somebody Slap Me
(B. McDill/R. Murrah/Pub.: Murrah Music/BMG Bumblebee/Universal
15. Long Black Veil
(D. Dill/M. Wilkin/Pub.: Universal Cedarwood Publishing)
16. Goldmine
(J. Anderson/J. Turner/Seminole Wind Music ASCAP/Sandy Soil Music BMI)
17. Peace In the Valley
(Rev. T. Dorsey/Pub.: Warner)
18. She Just Started Liking Cheatin’ Songs
(K. Robbins/Pub.: Robbins Legacy Music/Universal)
19. I Just Came Home to Count the Memories
(G. Ray/Pub.: Sony ATV)
20. Seminole Wind
(J. Anderson/Pub.: Almo Music/Holmes Creek Music)

1. Black Sheep
(D. Darst/R. Altman/Pub.: EMI Al Gallico Music Corp./EMI Algee
Music/Irving Music
2. Your Lyin’ Blues Eyes
(K. McDuffie/Pub.: Sony ATV)
3. Song the Mountain Sings
(J. Anderson/B. Cannon/Pub.: Seminole Wind Music/Run Slow Music
4. When It Comes to You
(M. Knopfler/Pub.: Almo Music)
5. Back Home
(J. Anderson/J. Stevens/J. Farr/Pub.: Seminole Wind Music)
6. Let Somebody Else Drive
(M. Vickery/M. Kilgore/Pub.: Sony ATV/Irving Music)
7. Wish I Could’ve Been There
(J. Anderson/K. Robbins/Pub.: Almo Music/Seminole Wind Music)
8. Walkin’ In the Shadows
(J. Anderson/Jamie Anderson/M. Bates/Pub.: Seminole Wind Music)
9. Wild n’ Blue
(John Scott Sherrill/Pub.: Candy Cane Music)
10. Mississippi Moon
(Tony Joe White/C. Whitsett/Pub.: Screen Gems Music/High Horse Music)
11. Tokyo, Oklahoma
(M. Vickery/Pub.: Cedartown Music/Irving Music/Sony ATV Tree)
12. 1959
(G. Gentry/Pub.: Two Dollar Pistol Publishing)
13. Louisiana Son Of A Beast
(J. Anderson/B. Emerson/J. Emerson/Seminole Wind Music/Just A Swingin’
14. Someday I’m Gonna Go Fishin’
(B. Emerson/J. Emerson/Pub.: Seminole Wind Music/Just A Swingin’ Songs)
15. Down In Tennessee
(W. Holyfield/Pub.: EMI April)
16. On and On
(J. Anderson/J. Fortune/Seminole Wind Music/Jimmy Fortune Music)
17. Goin’ Downhill
(J. Anderson/X. Lincoln/Pub.: Irving Music/Lifeboat Music)
18. The Rain
(B. Emerson/J. Emerson/Pub.: Seminole, Wind Music/Just A Swingin’ Songs)
19. Occasional Eagle
(F. Carter Jr./Songwriters Guild Of America obo Sweedie Music Pub. Co.)
20. Swingin’
(J. Anderson/L. Delmore/Pub.: Irving Music/Universal Polygram)