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Various Artists: Here Come the Polka Heroes

Various Artists

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Vol. 1 Track Listings -

    1. Polka Celebration (Eddie Blazonczyk)
    2. Who Stole The Keeshka (Frank Yankovic and Kinky Friedman)
    3. Schnaps (Booby Kravoz)
    4. My Good Old Fashioned Wife (Al Battistelli)
    5. My Poor Head Is Aching (Ania with The Dynatones)
    6. I Wanna Call You Sweetheart (Joey Miskulin / Mis-Tre Orrchestra)
    7. Red Raven Polka (Frank Moravcik)
    8. Long Live Our Brothers (Johnny Krizancic)
    9. Glass Slipper Polka (Frankie Spetich)
    10. You’ll Be Sorry (Fred Kuhar Orchestra)
    11. The Chicken Dance (Hank Haller)
    12. If I Could Be Like You…Polka (Henny and The Versa J’s)
    13. In Your Heart Sweetheart (Joey Tomsick)
    14. Flying Saucer (Brave Combo)
    15. La La Palooza (Polka) (Christine Hibbs)
    16. Blue Lady Polka (Joe Fedorchak Orchestra)
    17. Garden of Roses (Linda Lee)
    18. A George M. Cohan Medley (Ron Slugs)
    19. Eggroll Song (Don Wojtilla Band)
    20. Luddie’s Polka (Jeff Pecon)
    21. Back In Cleveland Polka (The Casuals)
    22. LaRhonda Polka (Walter Ostanek)
    23. Meisner Magic (Verne & Steve Meisner)
    24. Last Night (Lynn Marie Rink)
    25. If You Can’t Polka, Don’t Marry My Daughter (Wolfgang Muller)
    26. Squeeze You’re a-Cor-Deen (The Roger Bright Band)
    27. Gogebic Range Polka (Hank Thunander)
    28. Scott Joplin Polka (The Harry Faint Review)
    29. Wish Me Luck / Thank You Medley (Lenny Gomulka)

Vol. 2 Track Listings -

    1. Lover Oh Lover (Wanda & Stephanie)
    2. Hammerkey Polka (Eddie Rodick Orchestra)
    3. Croatian Polka Magic (Polka Quads)
    4. Love Don’t Get Better (John Gora & Gorale)
    5. Think Of Me (Toledo Polkamotion)
    6. Cork ‘N’ Bottle (Frank Stanger)
    7. Parisian Holiday Polka (Markic-Zagger Orchestra)
    8. Octoberfest Medley (Al Nowak Edelweiss Orchestra)
    9. Udriga Matija (Hit It Matt) (Jack Tady & The J.T.B.)
    10. Love & Peace (Happy Louie & The Julcia Polka Band)
    11. Forever Love Polka (Lil John)
    12. Polish Medley (Magic Buttons)
    13. It’s Polka Time (Dick Tady Orchestra)
    14. Not Supposed To Polka (Nancy Seibert)
    15. Cuyahoga Polka (Nancy Hlad)
    16. All Night Long (Fritz’s Polka Band)
    17. Zivio Slovenci (Al Meixner Trio)
    18. Friends Polka (Cilka Dolgan)
    19. Happy Times (Adam Barthalt)
    20. Hot Pretzels (Eric Knoltkamper)
    21. Sugar Babies Polka (Gary Seibert)
    22. Aja Sam (All By Myself) – (The Sound Connection)
    23. Who The Hell Is Johnny? (Del Sinchak Band)
    24. Great American Dream (Jerry Suhar)
    25. Erlangen Polka (Bob Turcola)
    26. Thanks For The Party (Zeke & Charlie & Friends)
    27. Who’s Gonna Dance The Polka (Dick Pillar)

Vol. 3 Track Listings -

  1. Roll Out The Barrel (Chas & Dave)
  2. Perles de Cristal (Don Lipovac)
  3. Hotsy Totsy Girl (Big Lou)
  4. Everyone Loves Bonnie Polka (Tower City Drive)
  5. North Shore (Music Works)
  6. Hot Salsa Polka (SamDeFazio)
  7. The Music’s Beat Polka (Bob Matasy)
  8. Green Grass Polka (Ed Klimczak)
  9. Oh Susanna (The Continental Strings)
  10. Tico Tico (The Smilin’ Scandinavians)
  11. Johnny’s Knockin’ (Lil’ Wally)
  12. Barking Dog Polka (Sam Pugliano)
  13. Bingo Hall Of Fame (Danny Pasz)
  14. Polkarrita (Jeff Winard)
  15. When You’re Away (Roman Possedi)
  16. Our Town (Dave Wretschko w/ Dale Bucar/Vocal)
  17. No More Coal Polka (John Stanky)
  18. Little Dann’y Polka (Bob Doszak)
  19. Old Style Polka (The Pokaholics)
  20. Morning Mist Polka (Bob Timko)
  21. Jeszcze Po Kropelce Polka (Jan Lewan)
  22. Knee Action Polka (Marty Kukovich)
  23. Janine’s Polka (Joe Kusar)
  24. Chesse n’Crackers (Fred Gregorich)
  25. Croation Gold (Bill Ribec)
  26. Polka Mass Medley (Fr. George Balasko)